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Blue", and he and Betty traveled to Manhattan to meet with "Mr. His script had Banner trying to create cells with regenerative capabilities in order to prove to himself that he is not like his father. I decided I might as well borrow from Dr.

Accompanying Sterns to his lab, Banner and Betty learned that Sterns had indeed developed a possible antidote that may reverse Banner's transformations, however it might only prevent the current occurrence and not future ones, and that an overdose could possibly kill him.

Banner was cured in The Incredible Hulk 4, but chose to restore Hulk's powers with Banner's intelligence. At the close of the storyline, Doc Green discovered that he was beginning to disappear as the result of the Extremis The hulk wearing off.

This transforms the convicts into "insect men" that cause havoc.

The Incredible Hulk

This form has black skin, red lines, and a mohawk. Bruce's strength increases when he is angry, and this is something that has led to the downfall of many villains. As the Hulk, his personality is the polar opposite to his intellectual self - much like the psychological Id, he is very aggressive, stubborn, and primal, incurred whenever Bruce is angry.

These attributes make him extremely difficult to kill, even if he is in his human form. As his eyes turned green, a grin appeared on his face. At an Avengers-presided tribunal, Hawkeye states that Bruce Banner had approached him and ordered him to kill him if he ever showed signs of turning into the Hulk again.

The Hulk has several powers and abilities, including: As the Hulk, Bruce had to make something useful out from any object and used them as melee and ranged weapons like tanks, missile launchers, signboards, cars on foes.

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Bruce is one of the world's renowned scientist in fields such as Biochemistry, Nuclear Physics and, especially, Gamma Radiation. He never wanted to hurt anyone; he merely groped his torturous way through a second life trying to defend himself, trying to come to terms with those who sought to destroy him.

A cheap laptop with an encrypted instant messaging software installed. He came back to life and turned into Hulk where he badly beat up Tommy Hill. Banner, realizing that he was the only one who could stop the Abomination, convinced General Ross to release him, and jumped out of Ross' helicopter, hoping the fall would stimulate a transformation.

He has been struck with bullets, laser cannons, powerful, magical, and technological energy blasts, and falls from great heights with no injury. Now a fugitive from the United States, Banner worked in a soft drink bottling factory in Brazil while attempting to find a cure for his condition with the help of an Internet friend known to him as "Mr.

Bruce Banner (Earth-616)

Bruce used it to chat with "Mr. During the run, he bumps into a gang of thugs, one who was his former enemy at the bottling factory.Caught in a gamma bomb explosion while trying to save the life of a teenager, Dr.

Bruce Banner was transformed into the incredibly powerful creature called the Hulk. An all too often misunderstood hero, the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk. Immense size and skin/hair/eyes dependent on Hulk-type: green/green/green as the Savage Hulk; gray/black/gray as Joe Fixit; green/green/green as the Merged Hulk; black/white/red as KluhReal Name: Robert Bruce Banner.

Ang Lee directs the live-action feature film The Hulk, based on the Marvel comic book created by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby. Emotionally stunted Dr. Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is part of 62%(). The official Marvel page for Hulk (Bruce Banner).

Learn all about Hulk both on screen and in comics!

Hulk (comics)

Hulk and the Silver Surfer. The Hulk would battle many foes over the years such as The Leader, Abomination, Rhino, Absorbing Man, and The has even found himself in Communist China.

“Hulk hate puny Banner! HULK SMASH!” The Hulk is a character in the Marvel Universe.

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The hulk
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