Opium war through chinese eyes essay

In particular, he could have made a strong case for the idea that the Opium War was simultaneously a struggle between the Chinese and British states and the Chinese state with the Chinese people. Opium is an addictive narcotic, extracted from the poppy flower and usually taken through smoking.

Retrieved November 21, from Encyclopedia. When India was colonized in by the British they gained a better education and more money through trade.

Wanting to gain more privileges in China, the British therefore looked for another pretext for war and found one in an incident involving a ship named the Arrow. The Spanish and Portuguese empires were the first to stretch across different continents, covering Opium war through chinese eyes essay territories around the globe.

The British introduced opium to China inand soon, not surprisingly, Chinese began to be addicted to the drug. In the Congo trade helped provide more food to the rising population.

To prevent a trade imbalance, the British tried to sell more of their own products to China, but there was not much demand for heavy woolen fabrics in a country accustomed to either cotton padding or silk.

The First Sino-Japanese War, as it became known, began over disputed territorial control of the Korean peninsula. Other readers would no doubt come to other conclusions about the information presented in the book.

What Waley does not provide is a big enough historical argument to do justice to his abundant and fascinating data. Inan international army suppressed the anti-foreign Boxer Rebellion in northern China, destroying much of Beijing in the process.

Over the next few decades, the Qing leadership tried to restrict foreign trade to Macau and the surrounding region, though their efforts were largely in vain. Conduct independent study and group work, including the presentation of material for group discussion, developed through the mode of learning.

Please refer to this page for more information. Under the terms of the Treaty of Nanking 29 Augustsigned as seems fitting now aboard a British warship at the mouth of the Yangtze, and a further "supplementary" treaty inChina ceded the island of Hong Kong to Great Britain, opened five "Treaty" ports Canton, Amoy, Foochow, Shanghai, and Ningbo to Western trade and residence, granted Great Britain most-favoured nation status for trade, and paid nine million dollars in reparations to the merchants whose 20, chests of opium Lin Ze-xu had destroyed.

This idea continued to develop and degrade large groups of people. Russians were unpredictable and, what was much worse, inefficient. Although trade may have further developed the Congo, King Leopold only cared about gaining wealth leaving the natives to be treated unfairly.

Having dealt with the temporary distraction of the Sepoy Mutiny in India, in Great Britain dispatched forces to Canton in a coordinated operation with American warships. Right from your own neighborhood store, you can send us a cash payment and get an instant receipt for it!

In Mexico, Spanish conquistadors slaughtered many natives and wiped out the Aztec empire. China had to pay further reparations, this time ten million taels, to each of France and Britain, and another two million taels to British merchants for destruction of property.

Chinese troops also often had terrible relationships with the peasants, and urban people as well seemed to have little faith in the Chinese military leaders. The Spaniards created the privileged landed class, the Spaniards becoming the upper class with the natives the lower.

China was compelled to abolish trading monopolies and limit tariffs to five per cent. This website uses pinyin romanisations of Chinese words and names. For this reason I believe that the spread of christianity shows how colonization was a negative force in the world.

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But Britain claimed that its national flag had been insulted when the Chinese authorities boarded the ship. By the late s, foreign merchant vessels, notably those of Britain and the United States, were landing over 30, chests annually.Buy a cheap copy of The Opium War Through Chinese Eyes.

book by Arthur Waley. This book is brand new, unread, and is in excellent condition. The front cover is slightly bowed. There is some slight shelf-wear. Orders received before pm CST Free shipping over $ The Chinese Maritime Customs Service, – An Introduction treaty system created at the end of the Opium War in the early s.

Opium Wars

Foreign Customs inspectors were appointed Inspectors: Western Imperialism in Nineteenth Century China Reconsidered.” Papers on Chinese. The Opium War Through Chinese Eyes by permalink · October 27, Free Download and Read Your Favorite Books Online, Totaly Free No Cost No Survey Just SignUp Free Membership and Complete Registration Number of page: Goldfinger, Shandra.

"Opium Wars." Opium Wars. Mount Holyoke College, Web. 02 Dec. Fay, Peter Ward. The Opium War Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, Waley, Arthur.

The Opium War Through Chinese Eyes. London: George Allen & Unwin, This led to an occupation of China's ports which re-opened opium trade. A 5 page essay that gives an overview of Arthur Waley's text on the First Opium War.

Opium war through chinese eyes essay

Waley points out that other books written on the Chinese Opium Wars do not give adequate attention to the Chinese official most involved in the First Opium War, which was Lin Tse-hsu, who was sent by the Emperor in to suppress the opium traffic.

Apr 30,  · Opium War Essay; Opium War Essay. Korean War a Proxy War? Words | 6 Pages Tracing back in Chinese history, opium and china were considered to be strongly connected.

It was commonly used for enjoyment and to relieve the “boredom” of life. Essay on Seeing through the Eyes of an Opium-eater. Words | 8 Pages.

Opium war through chinese eyes essay
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