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This is the process that makes "latter" and "ladder" homophones for most North Americans, and likewise can make "say 'fat' again" sound like "say 'fad' again".

You have The Girl. This is an example of the class of processes that linguists call "lenition", which is basically a fancy word for "weakening" or "softening", though "softening" is not generally used as a term of art in the same sense.

She is a great, sympathetic listener. SunComm eventually backed down BBC News report ; they probably realized that continuing public notice that their product was laughably ineffective would not be good for business. She is much travelled, but her sense of a world that is not American is almost non-existent.

Nature by making habit omnipotent, and its effects hereditary, has fitted the Fuegian to the climate and the productions of his miserable country. The text for this piece is adapted from Fred H. We nushu secret writing alex to be meant to infer that really, there is nothing interesting about this language.

Gloria Steinem has done heroic work as a founding force of American feminism and as an organiser, in America, for a myriad of causes. Friedman or his editor is just confused.

They have The Girl in a sea of dudes. There is nothing lesser about a serious friendship. They too should appear in greater numbers in SFF, with friendships nushu secret writing alex other important relationships with characters other than the white cissexual people.

Alaya Dawn Johnson suggested the Johnson Test, which applies the same principles as the Bechdel Test but with people of colour talking to one another about something s other than white people. Being female should not be special.

I want women saving one another. Taken together, these findings suggest that we perceive and remember only those objects and details that receive focused attention. Kudos does look like it might be the plural of a word kudo, I thought, but it isn't.

The author's lack of curiosity is not limited to languages. These connections join personal and historic events, and provide the means to reclaim both a displaced portion of family history, as well as lost cultural history. I want, so much, to see more SFF where the friendships between women are given as much time and attention as any other relationship.

A while back a posting on Slashdot had this signature: Overall, Darwin was clearly shocked by what he saw and heard about the life and customs of the people of this region.

There are all kinds of girls. This is one of many hints about selection and adaptation in Darwin's memoir of his voyage, which was indeed written and published quite a while before he wrote the Origin of Species.

It is written in a variant of the Greek alphabet. But in use since the s? People sometimes ask me however did I survive 5 years in an all-girls school? Its accomplishment required my mother pass select personal possessions and secrets — concealed within a precious box — to her daughter.

Studio Views: Fred H.C. Liang

In time, I got to hear some actual Kawesqar spoken, and it sounded a lot like Hollywood's generic Apache, but with a few unique and impossible sounds.

For example, the "unrelated task" might be viewing a video and counting rapid basketball passes made by a group of people wearing white t-shirts, while ignoring the passes made by people wearing black t-shirts; the "unexpected event" might be the appearance in the video of a woman carrying an umbrella or a person wearing a gorilla suit.

The point is that security measures don't have to be good for it to violate the DMCA to circumvent them.

Among the technological measures that the DMCA prohibits the circumvention of is encryption. Our female friendships can be among the most important relationships in our lives. It happens entirely in the back of the mouth, in a really challenging way.

Its composition, execution and presentation are respectively drawn from Song Dynasty Chinese landscapes and Jian Zhi paper-cut techniques.

Studio Views: Fred H.C. Liang

Some demos of the videos used in these tasks are here. So you define her by major Girl tropes, rather than writing about individual women.Nushu In Hunan, a province in Southern China, a unique script called Nushu has been in use since the 12 th century.

What makes it unique is the fact that this writing is used solely by women. This transmission from mother to daughter is akin to how the secret language of Nushu, known as women’s writing in China, was passed. It was a lost language shrouded in secrecy for almost a thousand years, but accidentally discovered during the early days of the Cultural Revolution.

The Phoenician alphabet developed from the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, during the 15th century BC. Before then the Phoenicians wrote with a cuneiform script. The earliest known inscriptions in the Phoenician alphabet come from Byblos and date back to BC.

Where would America be without Gloria Steinem?, asks Carmen Callil

Alex Dally MacFarlane March 15, at pm Nushu is the awesomest thing! I’ve only read the wikipedia page, but hnnnng I am so working that (or an other-world equivalent) into a story one day.

The “Baybayin writing system†also commonly known as the “Alibata†was an old script structure used by these ancient Philippine settlers long. The Secret Language of Women. Written by Nina Romano. It’s a dangerous time in late s China. The Dowager Empress Cixi secretly supports the violent attacks on foreigners by the Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists, which will become famous as the Boxer Rebellion.

Nushu secret writing alex
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