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Arnott, who has attempted to separate fact from fiction in the Old West for many years, writes from Ohio. Within a few years, the Shirleys moved into Carthage, where they were living when the Civil War started. She also knew Reed from her Missouri days, as the Reed and Shirley families were friends.

One of the gang supposedly read the marriage ceremony while the couple took their vows on horseback. Her sharp tongue made her less than popular. Belle Shirley's relationship with Cole Younger is the subject of many stories, some of which claim that her daughter Rosie Lee, often called Pearl Younger, was his child.

Byafter Carthage was burned, the family had migrated to Scyene, Texas, near Dallas. Local gossip had it that Belle lived with Bruce Younger for a short time in Kansas. She hoped to see her son Eddie, who had been staying there, but he had left before she arrived.

Belle Starr was buried at Younger's Bend, a remote place on the Canadian River where she often lived. The family lived in a dugout at first but soon constructed a four-room clapboard house that was, at that time and in that locale, like a mansion.

One, Edgar Watson, could have killed her for threatening to turn him in to authorities for murder. She was born Myra Maybelle Shirley parents called her Belle on a farm near Carthage, Missouri one of six children but the only daughter of dirt farmer parents, John and Elizabeth Hatfield Shirley.

Later the grave was robbed, the pistol and Jewelry were gone. On March 8,a jury returned a guilty verdict, and Judge Parker sentenced the Starrs to a year in prison. Neighbors then passed by the coffin while each Indian dropped a crumb of cornbread in the coffin in traditional tribal custom.

Eventually, former friend John Morris, who had been deputized to capture Reed, shot and killed him in Texas.

Belle Starr’s first husband slain

Bruce was related to Cole Younger, and Starr supposedly married him in The reality of the woman, however, is rather different. Reed, the son of Solomon Reed, a prosperous local farmer. Together, Reed and Tom Starr sold whiskey and rustled cattle in Cherokee territory, an area that became Oklahoma.

Copyright and Terms of Use No part of this site may be construed as in the public domain. The two stopped at a house for a meal, and while they were eating, Morris ordered Reed to throw up his hands.

In she was again charged with horse theft. Belle Starr, also known as the "Bandit Queen" and the subject of much speculation in innumerable stories and popular publications, was born Myra Maybelle or Belle Shirley on February 5,on a farm near Carthage, Missouri, one of six children and the only daughter of John and Elizabeth or Eliza Hatfield Shirley.

The part of the road she now traveled passed very close to Watson's new home. Sentenced to Prison In July ofthe Starr's were accused of stealing horses. Lawmen and Outlaws in the Old West, ed. When he published Bella Starr, the Bandit Queen, or the Female Jesse Jamesa twenty-five-cent novel based loosely on her life, the legends began.

Again, she was found not guilty. Lived life on the Run After several years of marriage, Reed began to get restless. This time, because of her legal skills, she was acquitted, but in the meantime her husband and an Indian policeman had shot each other to death.

In avenging his father's murder, he reportedly killed more than 20 people. No member of the Grayson family, nor any of the hired hands who had witnessed the robbery, mentioned a woman dressed as a man, or even a slightly built man. Early in September ofStarr gave birth to their first child, Rosie Lee, who was later nicknamed "Pearl.

Belle and Sam, along with daughter Pearl and son Eddie, were to take a trip. He could have killed his wife before resuming his trip to Fort Smith. In fact, Reed moved in with the Shirley family and helped with the farming. A writ was issued for her arrest in January Pearl left to be with her grandmother and have her baby, Flossie, who was born in April aka: Myra Maybelle Shirley In the late s, Belle Starr was known as a notorious female outlaw in America’s “Old West.” As a resident of Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, she came under the jurisdiction of Judge Isaac C.

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In the late s, Belle Starr was known as a notorious female outlaw in America’s “Old West.” As a resident of Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, she came under the jurisdiction of Judge Isaac C.

Parker in Fort Smith (Sebastian County).Her close friends included the legendary American outlaws Cole Younger and Frank and Jesse James. Von Bach Industries Ark Hunters enjoy every edge in Defiance, the third person shooter MMO video game and TV show from Trion and Syfy.

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Belle Starr, "the Bandit Queen," was born Myra Maybelle Shirley, in Jasper County, Missouri, on February 5, Her parents were "Judge" John and Elizabeth Hatfield Shirley, her mother being related to the Hatfields of the feuding Hatfields and McCoys.

Myra maybelle shirley
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