Middle east and north africa business report

Read More A number of assumptions have been adopted for the projections presented in the Regional Economic Outlook: New economic growth potential and directions can be uncovered when we adjust our thinking.

New economic growth potential and directions can be uncovered when we adjust our thinking. I will defend those rights. The region may be rich in oil and gas reserves, but supplies are finite and hydrocarbon revenues are at the mercy of external events.

Some had to leave the country. Our joint efforts and the recommendations of the report will stimulate a discussion for expanding engagement with the private sector in Egypt.

Sustainable business models could also open up 3 million jobs related to energy and materials, 2. Bringing family and labour laws into line with gender goals would enable more women to enter employment and would make MENA economies more competitive and inclusive, according to a new OECD report.

Sustainable business models could also open up 3 million jobs related to energy and materials, 2. Almost one-fifth of the total employment potential in the region —around 2. Better Business, Better World MENA puts a price tag on the economic opportunities if the entire region pursues a more inclusive, sustainable pathway, as outlined by the Global Goals.

The report recommends that MENA countries: In Jordan, a number of activists are using theater and other arts to raise awareness about sexual orientation and gender identity among LGBT communities themselves and in some cases, the general public.

Even in countries that do not criminalize same-sex conduct or gender non-conformity, severe social stigma forces many people to hide their identities, making activism more difficult. Guarantee women a safe environment at and on their way to work by ensuring strict enforcement of sexual harassment regulations and punishing offenders, penalising harassment in public places and improving public transport.

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Private Sector is Key Driver for Growth in the Middle East and North Africa

Composites in Tables 2, 4, and 5 are sums of the individual country data. We all have responsibilities.

Middle East & North Africa

Such coverage fails to recognize the agency of LGBT activists from the region, or renders them completely invisible. In Oman, several men started small: As we move closer tothe world will need more companies working closely with civil society to ensure the fulfilment of labour rights, gender equality and environmental stewardship.

Social and welfare issues

Reconsider inheritance laws to ensure gender equality. Developments in urban construction, mobility, and infrastructure will generate nearly 6 million jobs. Several groups have been working to galvanize international pressure on the Egyptian government, a tool that they employ cautiously, often reserving it for human rights emergencies.

In most countries in the region, same-sex acts between consenting adults in private are treated as a criminal offense. Finally, civil society must continue its important work monitoring companies and holding them accountable. Noor, from Sudan, remembers searching on Facebook for people like her: For example, in Egypt, Jordan and Libya women must still obtain authorisation from their husbands or fathers if they wish to work.

Data in Tables 7 and 8 correspond to the calendar year for all aggregates and countries, except for Iran, for which the Iranian calendar year beginning on March 21 is used.

The top five include: Governments can build on the progress they have made in implementing reforms and opening opportunities for business. Simple average prices of U. I refused to be ashamed. One World Bank study shows that the region could generate 2.

And it stays hard, but it gets easier. The and data in the figures and tables are projections. We are this way.

Social and welfare issues

We help our clients to successfully navigate this new reality, offering wide-ranging support and expertise in the areas of supply chain and operational processes optimization. In tables, ellipsis points. The top five include: Aggregates for fiscal data tables 10—17 are sums of individual country data after conversion to US dollars at the average market exchange rates in the years indicated, in percent of aggregate GDP, also in US dollars 2.To accompany the videos, a new Human Rights Watch report, “Audacity in Adversity,” highlights the resilience of LGBT movements throughout the region and how they are making change in the face.

New report also identifies key market “hotspots” that could generate up to million new jobs in the MENA region “As countries in the Middle East and North Africa rise up to open new opportunities for women, welcome refugees and diversify their economies, there remains a long road for the.

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Middle East & Africa

07/09/ - Women in the Middle East and North Africa are better educated and better skilled than ever, yet legal and social barriers mean the share of them in work is still the lowest in the world. The Legal Hall of Fame highlights individuals who have received constant praise by their clients for continued excellence.

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The Hall of Fame highlights, to clients, the law firm partners who are at the pinnacle of the profession. In Europe, Middle East and Africa, the criteria for entry is to have been recognised by The Legal as one of the elite leading lawyers for seven consecutive years.

Middle east and north africa business report
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