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I would like to start by outlining a series of internal references that in my opinion should be kept in mind for a rightful interpretation of the novel. Not because of its curious typographic choices.

That with her life experience and language proficiency she will escape from Mango Street, leaving behind those who are not strong enough to get out. On the top left hand corner is a picture of Androcles helping the Lion. The minotaur at the center of the labyrinth is us, as House of leaves essay the unsuccessfully expunged footnotes indicate, and we are perfectly capable of tearing ourselves into shreds—or, occasionally, showing ourselves compassion.

As Karen asks her bevy of enamored experts in the film-within-a-film-within-a-book, does it all mean anything, or is it just scary? Besides, not only can we not tell—or even sometimes care—what's real outside ourselves, but we're likely reading little more than ourselves into a work in the first place.

He does have a job any moron can do, but that ultimately does not mean he cannot comprehend some of the concepts he believes are going on in the Navidson Report. Beside this is a picture of the Lion a different Lion from a different story and the Mouse, who is begging the Lion to spare her.

Nathalie Sarraute's The Planetarium. The creature does not know you, does not fear you, does not remember you, does not even see you. These are only a few details that make it seem as if Johnny makes up The Navidson Record.

His female characters are otherworldly in their beauty and mystery, but cold and distant at heart. In particular, the lesson of befriending Sally stood out. Last edited by Riot ; The maze of narrators and characters intersects voices, stories and elements.

When Johnny Truant reads and becomes obsessed with The Navidson Record, it's the ghosts of his own past that come back to him; when Harold Bloom watches Karen's film about the haunted house, he sees his own pet theories on the anxiety of influence, and when Navidson himself enters the labyrinth under his house, he's eventually left with absolutely no visual or tactile input except what's inside his own body and head.

For one thing the character, Zampano, the one who allegedly got his hands on a film called, The Navidson Record, and who was writing a book about it is blind. Either way a psychoanalyst could have a field day.

I reminds me of the links you get when you surf the web, where you sometimes get references to related topics. She attempts to pacify the restrained rage of the Minotaur, but cannot bind it no matter how many words she can sprawl throughout the of Leaves.

They just never had enough money. The picture on the third row on the left is an illustration of Theseus facing the Minotaur, included for obvious reasons. It was partially blacked out for two reasons.

Is this creature also an abandoned son, a thinking being that has been reduced to the feral instinct of a mad beast? I believe that in most editions of this novel, most of the text is scored thusly and in some editions it is also red, like so.

House on Mango Street Review

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House of Leaves: The End of Postmodernism

Rank leaves, Torvald unearths in his letterbox two of Dr. Rank’s traveling playing cards, every with a black pass above the call. Nora knows Dr. Rank’s playing cards constitute his declaration that. House of leaves is a literary case in all respects. Initially appeared online, thanks to a broad consensus it gets published in a reviewed and enriched version which soon becomes a best seller in the USA.

Postmodernist Anxiety in House of Leaves. Postmodernism is something of mystery until a person understands the main concerns of the postmodernists. Although I finally understood postmodernism in relation to Andy Warhol and his art, a topic that I find even more interesting is postmodernism in 4/4(4).

The Minotaur in House of Leaves.

The House of Blue Leaves

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This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. The theme of fame and its obsession is continued in several of John Guare’s plays after The House of Blue Marco Polo Sings.

If so, House of Leaves might be right up your alley. The simple synopsis (and the only one you're going to get from me) is this is the story of Will, Karen, and their dream home, told through various narrators.

House of leaves essay
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