Example of pressure washing business plan

These people often do not want to waste their money on hiring vehicles to move about by themselves, but instead want to be escorted around places of interest by a reliable source. They also require that you are aware of the environmental regulations of the state.

Starting a Pressure Washing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

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At Enstar cleaning services, the services rendered would include: This is going to be the case with any gas pressure washer though. Market Needs Though the tourism sector has undergone rapid growth over the last decade the vast majority entering this sector have rushed to the North where we have the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, and other sites as attraction points.

After all, what could be easier than to just stand there with a hose in your hand? Going through multiple cleaning sessions let us repeatedly set up, break down, and test portability of these units.


If the business is going to be using chemicals in cleaning, most states require that pressure washer business owners attend certification on proper use and disposal of chemicals used during the course of the job. At the onset of operations, the Company will have two power washers on staff that will render these services to the general public.

Additionally, if you under price in the beginning and then realize your error, you may lose all the clients who were accustomed to paying your low rates.

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Fulfillment The key fulfillment and delivery will be provided by the employees of the company. If that doesn't do it, you can use a non-chlorinated cleanser, or better yet a specially formulated boat cleaner.

Mokolodi also offers the rare opportunity to track rhino or to walk through the bush with young elephants. Come on, share your ideas.Determining how much to charge your customer per hour for pressure washing business is a lot of work.

but think about all the costs involved in performing your particular service should be an essential part of your pressure washing business plan. Being prepared and understanding what goes into setting wages will pay off in the long run. Let’s take for example a start up pressure washing business that specializes in house and deck cleaning.

The obvious factors would be supplies, transportation, possibly rental space for the business or a payment on a loan for one or more vehicles. Buttons Won't Respond. If the cycle already started before buttons stopped responding, you may be pressing some options that cannot be added, or the child lock option is.

Sample Business Plans Travel Tour Agency Sample Business Plan. Start-Up your travel tour agency with a business plan similar to this detailed example.

Creating a Business Plan for a Pressure Washing Company April 13, admin A Pressure Washing Company business plan is actually a very simple document that you prepare yourself to help you get your company off the ground the right way.

HomeAdvisor's Roof Cleaning Cost Guide lists price information on hiring a service to wash a roof, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers.

Example of pressure washing business plan
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