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Line 15 resistivity profile 38 Figure Data along lines 9 and shown on Figures Flight line edge effects shown trend NW-SE. Line 7 overlying corner of thermal image 54 Figure Rutkowski et al ; Corbett et al ; Moore et al P oor correlation between thermal image temperatures and Rn could possibly be due to the relative homogeneity of Rn activity in this zone, and flight line edge effects in the thermal image.

Line 9 resistivity profil e bottom along with geochemical 2nd from bottomthermal image temperature and salinity 3rd from bottom and water temperature data measured at time of profile top. Lines 15 bottom16 middlea nd 17 top overlying thermal image with starting and ending linear dist ances labeled in meters.

White line in resistivity prof ile represents seafloor. Noise in the thermal image consistently complicated inte rpretation both quantitatively a nd qualitatively at specific features of interest. Thermal image temperature vs. Additionally, numerous phosphate mines exist along the river upstr eam, as well as throughout west central Florida Fanning et al ; Burn ett et al Data along lines and 14 are shown on Figures 0.

Temperatures measured in thermal imagery reflect temperature only of the upper most microns of the surface of objects. Once areas of possible SGD are located using these methods, more focused studies could target those areas and the environmental effects associat ed with them.

PAGE 18 9 Figure 2: But the particulars on the title page differ from all other pages, which maintain consistency throughout. Line 7 overlying corner of thermal image with starting and ending linear distances labeled in meters.

We recognize, howev er, that these tracers, like direct seepage meter measurements, are influenced by factor s other than SGD. Note larg e areas of higher resistivity but no distinct highs in tracer concentration.

White line in re sistivity profile repres ents seafloor. The combined data sets collect ed in March and September support these hypotheses.

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Inversion results were then kriged to a grid and contoured using Surfer software. This recalibration did result in sustained lower values of radon on the return tr ip upstream later that day, but it is also possible that those lower values could be due to the presence of lower tide.

High resistivity area past m along line is probably an inversion arti fact not related to SGD. Line 9 resistivity profile shown in Figure 19 Figure The most accurate measurements of Rn activity occurred while traveling from low to high activities. Distinct linear trends at high tide and low tide are labeled.

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Resistivity profile s not discussed in text 63 Appendix 2: Interestingly, this area of warmer water does correspond to an area of higher resistivity m between and meters along the line.

Mana tee Springs appears as a hot spot on the thermal image with a temperatur e reading of This project will focus on three distinct methods for detecting SGD: Other apparent temperature variat ions in this area are primarily noise from edge effects in imagery Figure Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

This study does not attempt to quantify the amount of discharge be it fresh or salt water dischargebut instead seeks to assess the conditions and scales over whic h the hypothesis above holds true, and over which these reconnaissance tools may be useful for mapping zones of SGD.

Line 12 resistivity profile bottom along with geochemical 2nd from bottomthermal image temperature and salinity 3rd from bottom and water temperature data measured at time of profile top. Thermal image showing field area 6 Figure 2.

Measurements in the opposite direction were less reliab le due to system saturation Interpretation of thermal imagery was severely limited by several sources of noise. On the title page, use "1" as your page number. For map of line see Figure 26 km from shore The 2nd section is the data set that was co llected km 1.

As the tide goes out in this area line 15th e anomaly in resistivity is coincident with methane rich flow, perhaps from surrounding tr ibutaries Figure Although systematic correlations are not found in the river channel a nd estuary settings, subject examination of the data sets on a smaller scales reveals local tracer highs in both the main river channel line 19and estuary zones line 9 and 17 that may repr esent locally enhanced SGD or influx from spring-fed tributaries.

March 31, Keywords: Line 19 resistivity profile bottom along with geochemical 2nd from bottomthermal image temperature and salinity 3rd from bottom and water temperature data measured at time of profile top.dlmwrite with a header.

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Or write the header line as you suggest @pepiino, then use dlmwrite. To add a running head in Microsoft Word: 1. Double click in the header area at the top of the document. 2. In the Header & Footer tools "Design" tab, check the box Different First Page. 3. In the header, type Running head: followed by a shortened version of your title written in all capital letters.

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Dlmwrite add header apa
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